Color if FALL!

It may be that time of year to move all the herb plants indoors but the colorful Ornamental Mums which bring life to the fall setting, combined with some glorious Purple Chili Pepper Plants, may still keep the outdoor spaces of your home amazingly beautiful for autumn. Whether a front or side porch, steps or deck area needs attention, the name of fall is color!
Mixed with strong pops of color in contemporary furnishings, the occasional grey skies of fall will hardly be noticed.  Check out one of a variety of chairs from Shine Company Westport Adirondack Chairs which comes in twelve different color options or consider a more affordable option with the
Westchester Wood Adirondack Deluxe Deck Set.


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Winter perfume This attractive display provides colorful winter cheer and a delicious spicy scent, which comes from the Sarcococca confusa, a neat evergreen shrub with little white blooms. While not particularly showy, they scent the air for several weeks.  Flower and foliage color is provided by winter pansies (Viola), a variegated standard Euonymus, and ivy (Hedera) to soften the rim of the barrel.  You could also add primroses (Primula vulgaris), which flower into spring.


Move Herbs Indoors

Transplant herbs from planter boxes on the deck into smaller containers to bring inside before winter weather hits.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

In the South, continue to plant trees and shrubs. They will put down roots on winter days with temperatures above 40 degrees F


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